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Prescriptive Incentives

The Prescriptive program makes it easy for our business customers to install high-efficiency electric equipment across a wide range of technologies and receive quick one-for-one incentives. Prescriptive incentives cover equipment for heating and cooling, refrigeration, HVAC controls, lighting and lighting controls, food service equipment, and more. Projects must be pre-approved prior to purchasing equipment however for a limited time, if your equipment was purchased and the project was completed on or after July 1, 2021, and you did not obtain pre-approval, then you may apply for incentives no later than 180 days of project completion. (Completion is defined as all equipment being installed and operable).
Equipment_Type_Icon.pngFood Service & Appliances
Equipment_Type_Icon.pngVariable Frequency Drives
EC Motors
Equipment_Type_Icon.pngPlug Load Controls
Equipment_Type_Icon.pngOffice Equipment
Equipment_Type_Icon.pngWater Heating
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